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VERTILUX: Ecoreflex


 Ecological Screen with Reflective Aluminized Backing

The combination of R.B.A. (Reflective Aluminized Backing) and the openess factor of approximately 5% is a unique way to obtain high values of solar heat reduction, while maintaining a good level of visual contact with the outside.

Ecoreflex's reflective aluminized backing can lower Solar Factor gTOT values up to 25% compared with the same fabric without R.A.B.

Ecoreflex's R.A.B. can lead to reduction up to 50% in air conditioning costs compared with similar fabrics without R.A.B.

Ecoreflex's R.A.B. is suitable for computer workplaces, although a combination with tinted glazing is recomended for the lighter colors and southern exposures.

The exceptionally thin Ecoreflex is excellent for when small shade diameters are required.

  Type %Ts %Rs %As
  Beige-Silver 17 44 39
  Pearl-Silver 20 45 35
  Ebony-Silver 10 33 57
  Grey-Silver 17 42 41
  Chocolate-Silver 11 34 55
  Openness Factor:
5% Approx. (Internal Method)


100% PES


0.114 in - 0.29 mm (EN ISO 5084)


3.687 oz/yd2 - 125 gr/m2 (EN 12127)


Color Fastness to Light:
6-7/8 Xenotest (ISO 105 B02:2002)


Fire Reaction:
Class 1 (EN 13773:2003)



Ts = % Solar Transmittance
Measures the solar energy percentage transmited through the fabric.

Rs = % Solar Reflectance
Measures the solar energy percentage that is reflected by the fabric.

As = Solar Absorptance
Measures the solar energy percentage absorbed by the fabric.


Ecoreflex is protected with Sanitized® treatment

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