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The best implementation of solar screens in a Roller Shade.
Excellent for use in Roller Shades, Roman Shades, Sliding Panels, Vertical Blinds, Awnings and Skylights, clients and architects will be pleased with the technical excellence and design perfection incorporated within every square inch of Vertilux Polyscreen Vision. This perfection is most visible in the straight edges, which are resistant to fraying, and in the flat faces which are resistant to warping and bowing.

Manufactured by Vertisol Internacional, to the exacting standards of ISO-9001 Certification, and American and European norms, Vertilux Polyscreen Vision are technically superior and capable of completing your project with design and function.

The style range is sure to offer options for each application, which include 1% openness, 3% openness for exterior and strong light situations, 5%, 10%, 14%, to 20% for less brightly lit spaces where the view is worth preserving.
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